Welcome to OpenRadio.CC/.DE

We are now back as a blog, due to the rise of music streams and large music platforms, we have decided to switch back to the blog.

The world of entertainment and technology is constantly changing, providing a wealth of topics for passionate discussion and analysis. OpenRadio.CC will now dedicate itself to these areas, highlighting the latest trends in the music industry, providing insights into the production of TV series and films and examining the impact of new technological developments on our everyday lives. By combining these topics, we try to appeal to a diverse readership and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Important, OpenRadio.CC will be still independent.

What was OpenRadio.CC in the past?

OpenRadio.CC was an innovative web radio project launched in late 2008 dedicated to the distribution of music released under free, GNU/Open Source and Creative Commons licenses. These licenses allow artists to freely share their works under certain conditions, allowing for legal and creative use and distribution of music. OpenRadio.CC provided a platform for independent artists to make their music available to a wider audience while promoting the philosophy of free culture. The station played a variety of music genres, all under a free / GNU/Open Source / Creative Commons license, supporting the idea that music should not only be for marketing, but more importantly for listening. It was an example of how the Internet can enable new forms of cultural exchange and artistic expression.